Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yang yang, gamou, family reunions

Visiting Yang Yang...

 AnnMarie and I dressed to impress..
Baby sister Mama and cousin Ramata

 Cauldron of onions AnnMarie and I spent hours cutting. Hanging out with the ladies in the kitchen gets you the best gossip about everyone in the family. Since the gamou was essentially a family reunion, there was a lot of people to talk about! I'm still confused who is 'so and so's' sister's brothers' uncle who was married to that other girl's brother who shares a father with that other guy...I just tuned it out a little.
    Family, friends and places on my bedroom wall. I'm slowly creating a willow tree, or slowly going nuts.
Aunt Ndioba and little sister Ndiaye Touba


Mural time at the health post in Yang Yang!

Friday, June 17, 2011

More Pictures: Out of Order

Unicorns in Senegal!

The best meal I've had in Senegal, no my host family did not make it. Thank you so much Joan, Philipe and Maxine for hosting me in Dakar!

Our cow and Pulaar...back in America

 Laundry day at home..
 Installing the new kids, stick beds!
 Yang Yang Gammou, almost all forms of transportation represented here

Yang Yang Historical Museum

Linguere in December

Goats hanging out on my poop hole

My street

bathroom..shower, poop hole

Helen and Sparky at the Linguere office

Eight-hour car ride, why not braid our hair?