Monday, July 25, 2011

Help us!! Camp Gem Sa Bopp

In writing these blogs and posting pictures I don't feel as if I've really done much to show you guys what I do here and the types of conditions we are working in. I think maybe because I'm either venting about certain situations and also I don't want to worry anyone at home about where I am. The thing is, my lifestyle here is pretty amazing because I come from a privileged background, being American, and I am also being funded by the US Government. I am a women that has been educated; been given the opportunity and the choice to go to school and continue on to college.

Most of the young girls here don't have the support, whether it be emotionally or financially, to attend school. Once a girl starts to grow up they are expected to work around the home and eventually be married. If a family can only send one child: son or daughter to school, there really is no choice. Obviously this is NOT every family situation, but many.

I and many other Peace Corps Senegal volunteers participate in the Michelle Sylvester Scholarship Program that helps pay for tuition and school supplies to deserving middle-school girls. It's a wonderful program and I am so happy to participate in it. BUT I have something else going on as well.

Some of my fellow volunteers and I are putting together a Leadership Camp for these scholarship winners in our region. It is a one-week camp, every day aiming at building strengths and teaching new skills. We have for example, Environment Day, Career Day, Arts&Culture Day, Health Day, and Business Day. We will bring in professionals from many fields to tell their stories to these bright young girls. There will also be sports, team building exercises and an American Cookout!

We are looking for funding from our friends, family, returned Peace Corps Volunteers and American Citizens. Your donations will go a long way in providing these young girls a chance to visit one of the largest cities in Senegal as well as learn about the many options their lives have in store.

PLEASE check out our website below for more information and where you can donate!
     It's for the girls...