Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe Cook comes to Senegal

My amazing dad came to visit me over the Thanksgiving holiday. He flew in and we went straight to Linguere on a long, but fun 8-hour sept place drive. He got a small taste of how public transportation runs here. We hung out a few days, Joe got to see my little town, go to work with me, hang out at the weekly market and bike through the bush. He got to stay with my host family and see where I've been living for the last year. After that we went to the colonial city of St. Louis and hung around the fishing village. We were able to relax on the beach and catch up. The sand dunes of Lompoul were gorgeous and I'm pretty sure Joe Cook loved his camel ride. Ha. We built a little branch statue in hopes that when I came back two months later with my mom and sister that it would still be there (It was!). After that we moved on to Palmarin, which was beautiful except for a little security issue. So on to Toubab Diallou, which might be one of my favorite places in Senegal. The hotel Sabo Bade is an amazing hobbit-like village. We took a quick trip to Goree Island before I brought him back to the airport.

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